r@fink brews

Monday, January 30, 2012

Strange Belgian Strong Dark brew, wondering what's inside of you ....

Brewed up the Belgian Strong Dark ale yesterday. It was a good day with the temp in the 20's, a little wind, and big snowflakes towards the end of the session. It was kind of a strange recipe with only pale malt for the grain bill. Belgian dark candi syrup and honey were added for color and alcohol boost. There was 6 oz. of hops added as well as a Belgian Abbey yeast strain. I hit my numbers well and came out just a tad under the expected O.G.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Farmhouse Kaput

The Belgian Farmhouse just spurted it's last drops from the keg. I really liked this brew a lot. It was light, crisp, and had a real nice flavor from the French farmhouse yeast. The weather has been nice so all I need to do is pick a day and brew!
I replaced the empty keg with a nice wicked brown ale. First taste on this Brown ale brings up a nice roasted malt flavor with hints of coffee and carmel. The hops hit your nose just enough to let you know they're in there. Nice brew!