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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Phat Tyre racked and a pic of the EPA

I racked the Phat Tyre to the secondary on Sunday....what a day! Beer in the keg, beer in the secondary, and a Vikings win! C'mon man, it doesn't get much better that that. The EPA was a hit at the Rakness clan Thanksgiving celebration, to the tune of about half a keg I might add! The masses seem to prefer a lighter brew, but there are a few that don't fear the dark. I likes 'em both! Did I mention how much I don't miss bottling? The Phat Tyre should be ready in three weeks time.
Post a pic of your pint time......

Monday, November 12, 2007

big day @ r@fink brewery

It was a big day at the brewery today. I brewed a Fat Tire clone today with New Belgium's proprietory yeast supplied in the Northern Brewer Phat Tyre kit. After I pitched the yeast you could really smell the simularity to Fat Tire. Today was also the day when my keg of sweet stout up and ran out on me. The keg only lasted from October 19th to November 12! Yikes! I also kegged the English Pale Ale from the seconday today and it should be ready to tap in about week. My increase of beer consumpton is either related to the new kegs or the Vikings pathetic play.