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Saturday, May 21, 2005

der Weizen ist gebracht worden

Today I racked the Hefe Weizen into the secondary without incident. It's advertised as, and I quote "A traditional cloudy, tart, a bit sour, with phenolic and banana-clove character imparted by the yeast". So far I can agree with the banana-clove aroma and the cloudy appearance, we'll see later about the rest. They also advise on serving the brew there are two ways to drink it, straight up or "mit hefe" (with yeast)......We'll see on that later too.

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p.s. There was a lot of gunk stuck inside the primary and that sumbitch was hard to clean!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

strange brew

Brewed the Hefe Weizen today, and boy was it easy. 6lbs. of malt syrup , 1 lb. dry malt, only 1oz. of hops full boil, and no grains to steep in the wort. It was so easy that I got that "It was too easy, I must have done something wrong" feeling.
After the boil and pitching the yeast it only took a couple hours in the carbouy before it started bubbling. And man did it bubble! Just before I hit the sack for the night, I checked it and it was blowing foam through the airlock! First time I've had any blow-off from my brews.
There is a very sweet, banana-clove like smell to the Wyeast #3333 German Wheat yeast. It really smells interesting, can't wait to taste it. Don't I say that about them all?
Here is a pic of the strange brew. Notice all the gunk blown through the airlock (wish me luck cleaning that sucker out!)

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