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Saturday, April 12, 2008

names and labels

My labels for the two newest kegs o beer.

Punch It! Amber Ale

Mud Flap Brown Ale

moose drool 2 clone goes pfffffft....sput..sput

The Moose Drool 2 clone ran out of beer last night. We're down to one half keg of Fat Snow Tire to quench our homebrew needs. The good news is, I have two brews ready to be kegged in the next few days. Keg them, throw them on the gas for a week, we're money. I am in the process of getting my mash tun cooler assembled in preparation for my first attempt at an all grain brew. Stand by for updates on the all grain 1554 Black Ale.

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Rak's racking day

I racked the brown and amber today. I was contemplating saving the yeast for future brews but decided to just dump it. Yeast only runs about 5-6 bucks and there won't be any danger of it freezing during shipment for a few months so why go through the hassle of harvesting. It was interesting to harvest the last batch, and it did produce some mighty fine beer, but I'll skip that process this time.