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Friday, May 30, 2008

a tale of two brews

I brewed the Brown Ale on Thursday and followed with the Irish Ale on Friday. These were my first all grain brews and they look and smell pretty dern good. The only difference I see between all grain and extract brewing is time and temperature. All grain added about an hour and a half to my brew day, and if you need a lot of hot water handy. The cooler I converted to a mash vessel worked good and I'm definitely going to invest in a Barley Crusher in the future so I can buy grain in bulk and crush it myself.
I also kegged my Nukey Brown Friday, which is a good thing because the Punch It! Amber Ale ran dry on Wednesday. Boo Hoo!
My wish list:
*Barley Crusher
*A good digital thermometer
*Gain, grain, grain!
I have yet to name the two new brews...hmmm.


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